GGP takes the privacy of its users, and in particular of (grand)children, very seriously.  At the very heart of the creation of GGP is the provision of a secure and private platform for grandchildren to communicate with their grandparents; to be safe online, and to be shielded from external content and marketing.  We have created the appropriate functionality and features to ensure that communication and access is controlled by the parents, and that only the parents and approved grandparents can connect with the (grand)children via the GGP Service.  For more details, please refer to our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

They will not see any other content, any advertising or be able to communicate with or be contacted by anybody other than their grandparents.  The grandparent account is created by the parent / guardian and then additional layers of security and activation are in place to ensure the appropriate level of parental approvals.

No, it is not possible to link to any external content from a GGP child account.

A Family Group is the secure communication link created to connect the grandparent(s) to the grandchild(ren) via a parental control account. If a grandparent has a multiple sets of grandchildren, then separate Family Group will be created.

GGP is not specific to an age demographic - our mission is to preserve and support the special bond between grandparents and grandchildren. As we provide a private communication platform which is not shared with anybody else, it's the perfect way for teenage grandchildren to communicate with their global grandparents.

Irrespective of how many sets grandchildren you have around the world, you will only pay one single subscription. The membership is attributed to the grandparent(s). Multiple Family Group can be created, providing separate communication channels to each set of grandchildren.

No, a GGP subscription includes unlimited data storage.

We have, and will continue to select small number of charity partners to whom we will make a regular financial contribution. These charities are identified and selected based on the work they do to support less fortunate children around the world, or initiatives that will make a difference to the lives of children around the world. If you have a charity you would like to introduce to us, please contact us via suggestion@

The GGP Foundation is a discretionary fund to help support GGP member nominated initiatives, which align to our vision and values. If you have a worthwhile cause which you would like to recommend, please contact us at ggpfoundation@

Our vision is to provide a range of discounted travel options, and related services to help bring your family together more often.  We are currently working with a number of organisations on this and plan to launch our loyalty program / premium membership services in 2017.

The platform has been created for the Family Group to be initiated between the Parent and the Grandparent(s) initially, and then your child can be added at an appropriate age, and can gradually learn and take over the communication process. Alternatively, we provide the functionality for the Parent to act / post on behalf of the Child, which can be used to post and share during the newborn / toddler years. The platform is the perfect way for you to build up a family history between your children and their grandparents and to centrally store all photographs, videos and memories – your children will be able to view and cherish this in later years.

The platform currently permits a Parent(s) – Child(ren) – Grandparent(s) Family Group relationship. A single parent account is required for each Family Group, and acts as the administrator for that Group. Coming Soon – the ability to create Family Groups with multiple different Family Members!